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La digitalizzazione è un progetto di laboratorio che coinvolge quotidianamente professionisti, storici, associazione studenti.

Fab Lab

Uno spazio polifunzionale che integra la biblioteca e l’area museale con nuove funzioni a sostegno del benessere sociale con servizi di apprendimento, gioco,

Magazine Lab

3 Header styles are there for all type of needs with topbar or not along with full width menu.

Area Studio

2 layout choices for Wide screen and Boxed layout with option to set patterns and images as background.

History Experience

The main menu is ready for the multi columns mega menu which can have any kind of HTML/TEXT inside.


An easy to use Twitter feeds plugin is included in the template which can fetch any number of Tweets from your account.

  • Ralph Burton

  • Beverly Barnett

  • Judith Bailey

  • Tyler Wong

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